Monday, July 26, 2010

The Best of the Best...

For the last month or so, I have seen several blogs that have a "button" in the the sidebar about a Bloggerette Sorority and I have to honestly say, I didn't really know what that was but I had this idea of it being an exclusive group of the best of the best bloggers...I also have to admit, I want(ed) to become a "best of the best" blogger too! (Hee-hee ~ we always want to be the best and be a part of the group, right?!)

Today, I found out that this "exclusive group of the best of the best" bloggers isn't exclusive after all, which is really cool news to me cause I'm still really new at blogging but I want to be part of this group... But what's just as cool is the fact that I might still be able to become a sister in the "Bloggerette Sorority" helped affirm to my lil' mind that this isn't about being "the best of the best"...

It's really about meeting others that share the same passion for beautiful things in life and also about sharing the beautiful things in your life as well. It's about slowing down to see and appreciate all the little things that we're either too busy or too worried to notice otherwise. What a powerful lesson I learned today! Thanks to all my fellow bloggers and artists and to Some Days Are Diamonds for not only allowing me to share a peek into your beautiful world, but also for the lesson learned.


  1. I enjoyed this read and the lesson that you learnt while figuring out what the Sisters in the Bloggerette Sorority was about. We all connected together at one time and made something with the picture above on it and then showed them off on our blogs. We now can connect and go see what each person is up to and try and get to know some new friends. I am a follower of you now. Have a wonderful time in Blogland. Kath' at

  2. Well said! I love this! I am so glad you've joined in and I know you will meet lots of wonderful women. In addition - they will teach you things and take you places you never imagined!
    Welcome! Enjoy the ride! :)
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  3. Thank you for this post! I just joined the Bloggerette Sorority and didn't know if I even should because I didn't think that I was good enough. I have only been blogging for a few weeks! However, I jumped in and did it anyway, and am so glad that I did! I am already meeting new people who like you said share the same passions that I do for crafting and alot of woman who share my faith as well. This post could not have been wrote at a better time!

    Also~ Thank you for your comments this morning on my post "The Gift". Each comment is a gift as well and I hope that I never lose this feeling!

    Take Care~ Sherry F.

    I look forward to joining in on all the fun with the sorority!

  4. Just thought I would stop by to say hello, and thank you for your sweet comments regarding my blog! It really meant so much to me! Your blog is lovely! :) Cassandra