Monday, September 13, 2010

Update to Dia de Los Muertos information & drawing...

I want to appologize for not posting earlier...I am still going to be doing the series on Dia de los Muertos and a drawing however it has been postponed because my 7 year old son has been in intensive care and is still recovering.

I am sorry for any seeming flaky but I'm sure you all would agree that family comes first. I will keep you posted and I will get things back on track asap. Thank you.


  1. thank you, jennifer, for your comment on my owl barn card! i really appreciate it! i hope your son is feeling better soon.

  2. hope your son is feeling better:) just wanted to let you know that you won the chance to do a review over on my blog 2 little hooligans. just let me know if you would still like to do a review for me, thanks!