Friday, August 6, 2010

Free Vintage Images...Road Trip Anyone?

I just wanted to post a couple of free vintage images real quick before I go on our little camping trip this weekend. I'm in the mood for a Road Trip theme today but most of my images are buried in a box in the closet & I'm in a hurry to get going so that I'm a little better equipped for the outdoors than this lovely lady was.

The images above are from my personal collection. Please feel free to use it if you'd like to. (You can make them larger by right-clicking on the photo.)

I also visited a couple of other blogs that offer free images and thought "I hate to post this way but why not spread some love to other bloggers since they're kind enough to share thier images?!" There are so many great blogs that offer free vintage images so it was very hard to limit myself to just two for today's post...

This cute little girl is from Marie's Freebies Thanks Marie!

And I found these gals at The Graphics Fairy. Wow - these ladies look like they'd be fun to "roll with"...(I know - really bad pun!) Thank you Karen!

Last, but not least, I thought this post might fit in well with The French Cupboard's August Black Friday Blog Party today since Jill posted about August being the time of year that most Americans travel & since I posted my black & white images. Please stop by and check out all of the neat things other bloggers are sharing at the party!

I hope you all have a relaxing, but fun weekend! See you gals in a couple of days...


  1. Love your postings for Vintage Black Friday, thanks for sharing and enjoy your road trip! XOXO

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I love the photos..and yes, there are so many of us that share free images. We ALL must enjoy them. ♥

    Have fun on your getaway...

    I'm visiting for Vintage Black Friday...drop by! I'd love to have you visit.

    Happy Day,
    Stephanie ♥

  3. The photo with the bear brought back many memories of camping with my family. I'm glad we don't have to "rough it" like we did then in a tent. Thanks for sharing on VBF.

  4. Oh my goodness... I love your images!
    Have a wonderful day!